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    Contract Staffing

    Contract Staffing

    People Mantra, Contractual staffing solution, a simple and effective solution with highly evolved methodology which addresses an organization’s needs more relevant. We strive to deliver significant advantage and value to our client and partners through innovative service and flexible solution. We provide the complete suite of solution to design/develop HR policy and improver effectiveness by organizational restructuring.

    We will reduce the work load of HR, employees of company and other staff. It manages the entire information of the employees from the time they are recruited till the time they leave the companyIt provides skilled manpower at desired cost within given time line, also help principal employer to share the liabilities with HR outsourcing agency.

    Benefits of Contractual Staffing

    • Focus on core business activities
    • Eliminates expensive contractual procedures
    • Helps your organization in timely compliance of all statutory obligations
    • Helps you improve employee retention
    • Provides flexibility in workforce across various functions
    • Control over long term costs
    • Ease of handling Planned & unplanned absences
    • Uniform code of conduct followed at all locations
    • A single point contact to simplify all administration
    • Dedicated key account teams & support staff To provide administration assistance
    • Direct control over the associates
    • Reduce Dependency on franchisees